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crypto trading.

Connect your exchange and trade easier, faster and care-free. We are launching soon.

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You don't know what you are missing.

CoinPanel makes your life easier by automating your trading.

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The Old Way
Trading on the exchange

Too much screen time and stress

  • Manually adjusting orders
  • Monitoring the markets all day
  • Setting price alarms
  • Using a portfolio tracking app
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Our Way
Trading on CoinPanel

Quick, carefree trading

  • Simultaneous stop-loss/take-profit
  • Automate your strategy and relax
  • Get notified when orders trigger
  • Automatic portfolio tracking
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Set stop loss and take profit orders at the same time

Exchanges force you to choose between limiting your losses with a stop loss order and securing profits with a take profit order. You must be able to do both to trade safely and profitably.

Our super-fast cloud servers watch the markets 24/7 for you, and trigger your SL/TP. So you can relax, knowing your strategy is locked in.

  • You don't need to keep the app running.
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Set and forget trades

Use SpeedTrade to easily set entry, targets and stop-loss with one click. Don't miss trades when you are busy. Set your orders and don't worry about the rest. We will notify you when your orders are triggered.

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Automatically track your portfolio

You don't have to manually put your trades in other apps anymore. Keep track of your profits automatically in the app and Telegram Chatbot.

  • Hover over your positions to easily see your entries and exits.
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Start using Quick

You get components and examples, including tons of variables that will help you customize this theme with ease.

Our services are running on Google Cloud Platform, which is an infrastructure protected by top experts. Your data is fully encrypted and secure on Google datacenters.
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Our beta version is loved by users worldwide


It works really well and is very easy to use.


Damn, this program is exactly what I wanted. Wtihout having simultaneous support for SL and TP orders, you are basically forced to set price alarms and be vigilant and closee to a pc 24/7.


Coinpanel is a game-changer for trading safely and profitably. The ability to set full stop-losses, at the same time as multiple profit targets, means I can place a trade and sleep easy, knowing my strategy is locked in.

Norma Mark

I can attest to this app being very good. Just what I have been looking for. I'm very happy with it.

Quacy Bob

With this app I won't have to worry about getting rekt or missing out on a good profit target. I can receive order notifications via Telegram without the need to use alarms. Basically allowing trading to be efficient and profitable.

Aran Ozbican

CoinPanel saves me from sitting in front of the monitor all day.