Here is the place where you can see what updates came out and did we bring new to the theme.

1.1.0 - January 20th 2020


  • Bootstrap updated to 4.4.1
  • The design has been drastically improved, by changing the overall look and feel
  • Added a dark mode switcher for live preview
  • Minor bug fixed for mobile


  • The class names for the primary colors light and dark shades have been changed. Instead of .bg-COLOR-light/.bg-COLOR-dark, use instead .bg-dark-COLOR/.bg-light-COLOR


  • The main navigation (navbar) has been drastically improved
  • Added progress-circle (based on Progress JS plugin)
  • Added chart examples (based on Apex Chart JS plugin)
  • Added new cards (projects, tasks, kanban, charts, stats, user, product)
  • Added new custom-rating (new custom-form element)
  • New footer design
  • New form elements and examples


  • Added Progress Bar JS
  • Updated Apex Chart


  • New account pages (profile, settings, security, billing, cards, notifications)
  • New board pages for admin panels (dashboard, projects, tasks, integrations/apps)
  • New landing pages (Money App)

1.0.0 - August 1st 2019


  • Initial release