Smart crypto trading

Set entry, stop loss, and target orders at the same time, and leave the market monitoring to us. Connect your exchange account to CoinPanel and make your life easier today.

Exchanges are too complicated

With CoinPanel you trade on one interface with automation across various centralised exchanges − making the life as a trader much easier.

The old way

Trading on the exchange

Too much screen time and stress

Can't set stop-loss and targets simultaneously
Monitoring the market all day
Setting the price alarms
Using a portfolio tracking app
Tired of the old crypto experience? Try CoinPanel
The easy way

Trading on CoinPanel

Quick, carefree trading

Set entry, stop-loss, take-profit simultaneously
Efficient and smart trading
Get notified when your orders trigger
Automatic profit and loss tracking
Interested in the easy crypto experience? Try CoinPanel

All your exchange accounts in one place

CoinPanel connects to multiple centralised crypto exchanges, allowing you to trade on all your exchanges on just one sleek user interface.

Connect your exchange accounts to CoinPanel and make your life easier today.

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Trading features

Set entry, stop loss and take profit orders simultaneously

Exchanges force you to choose between limiting your losses with a stop loss order and securing profits with a take profit order. You must be able to do both to trade safely and profitably.

On CoinPanel, you can use Stop-Limit/Stop-Market, Take-Profit-Limit/Take-Profit-Market orders to easily create stop loss and target orders. We watch the markets 24/7 for you, so you can relax, knowing your strategy is locked in.

You can not use stop-loss and take-profit together on the exchange.
You have to wait until you buy to set your sell orders.
With CoinPanel, set all your orders and don't worry about the rest.
Don't miss trades when you are busy.

Chart mirroring

Get first-hand insights on expert traders’ technical analysis through Chart Mirroring on CoinPanel. View entry, take-profit, and stop-loss zones around the clock across dozens of trading pairs expertly charted by pro-traders.

Chart Mirroring makes it more efficient for traders at any level to learn technical analysis to form better trading strategies. Be the first to know which cryptocurrencies are about to make big moves with the help of industry experts on CoinPanel.


Get access to CoinPanel’s institutional-grade analytics tool that details trading performance for any chosen period of time and across all trading pairs. Automatically track profits and losses on the same platform across multiple exchanges.


CoinPanel automatically tracks all information from your crypto exchange accounts on one simple dashboard. View all your cryptocurrencies in one place for quick and easy management of funds.



Cloud-based secured network with Integrated Cyber security Policy in-line with DMA regulations to protect our clients from outlying risk factors.


CoinPanel promotes sustainability for our client’s trading activity, operating ethically and upholding strong core values to ensure the service offering is constantly adapting and improving.


Dedicated global support for all subscribers. Beta users constantly testing new functionality prior to release. CoinPanel welcomes all feedback from our community to contribute and improve the service.

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All supported exchanges

Access to the all features

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